Rise of Tiamat

The Story So Far . . .
Episode 1: Greenest in Flames


A rag-tag band of heroes known to all around as the Pineapple Company, helped the rich but poorly defended town of Greenest fight back a raid by the Cult of the Dragon. The Hero’s rushed into the town’s aid attacking those who were harassing villagers and herding them to the keep. Then using the old tunnel behind the keep the hero’s captured a mercenary of the Cult of the Dragon, and were able to discover the location of the camp and their purpose here. They saved the mill from being burnt down, however the workers spent most of the next day cleaning blood and guts from the grind wheel. Thanks to Leo with his suggest of using lemon juice they easily got the job down and were very thankful. The Pineapple Company helped the keeps guards fight off a mighty blue dragon, thanks mostly to Pat’s Wizard use of the Chromatic Orb spell severely injuring the dragons tail. Afterwards they used they smarts and cunning to free the villagers trapped in the Chapel of Yundella. The night seemed to be over, when a blue dragon-born called Rezmir a Wearer of Purple of the Cult of the Dragon appeared. He had four hostages, and was willing to release them if someone accepted his challenge to one-on-one, unarmored combat. The brave fighter Kyler’s Orc (who turned out to be a paladin) accepted this challenge and narrowly defeated the dragon-born. Unfortunately the town of Greenest was badly damaged by the attack, but the Pineapple Company were provided with two potions of healing by the town of Greenest.

However, the adventure has only begin. Governor Nighthill has quested the Pineapple Company to find the Cult of the Dragon’s camp nearby, find out what they want, and (if possible) return the stolen treasure. He will pay 250 gp to each adventurer. After this briefing, an injured monk named Nesim Waladra asked the Company to look for his master named Leosin Erlantharthat he believes was captured in the raid.

What could the Cult of the Dragon want with the treasure? What will they find at the Cult’s camp? Is the old master (hyperlink) still alive?

Find out in Episode 2: Raider’s Camp


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