Elven ranger who has lived his adult like in a forest close to the city Riverview. Has a gift with animals


Cealean Vect

My name is Cealean, I come from an elven village dedicated to magic and bow. When I become of age I left my village because I lacked “the spark,” or the ability to use magic. Since I have left my village the forest has been my home. I have protected it from poachers, fires, and those who have wished harm to it just as anyone would defend their homes. I hope to turn my forest into a haven for those like me and begin a life of my own, but for now I train.

When I left my village I had but one friend, a young elf girl. Even though it sadden me greatly to leave her I know my life was not meant to be cooped up in that village. A year after leaving the village and living in Evergrow Forrest I sensed someone sneaking through the trees. On instinct I climbed a tree as fast as I could and aimed an arrow in the direction of the sound. Then a elf girl appeared through the brush stopped and looked up at me with a smile I thought I would never see again. For a few years she returned to me every week, but just as she just suddenly appeared to me that first time, she never returned. Now I walk with a pendent around my neck hoping to be reunited with her again. One day, one day she will return to me.


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